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Right on the heels of a privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability for Windows 10 released yesterday, the same researcher has released exploit code for two more vulnerabilities today.

A security researcher named SandboxEscaper is known for dropping zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits for Microsoft. Just yesterday, the researcher released a local privilege escalation vulnerability that utilizes the Windows 10 Task Scheduler. When used, the vulnerability allows users gain permissions to files that they would normally not have.

Today, SandboxEscaper released code that exploits two more vulnerabilities; one local privilege escalation vulnerability in Windows Error Reporting (tracked as CVE-2019-0863) and a sandbox escape vulnerability for Internet Explorer 11.

The only reason given for releasing these vulnerabilities is the following post from SandboxEscaper's blog.

Andy Ful

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It is dangerous not to quickly update this convex patch for the computer.
It is not dangerous for home users who simply allow Windows Updates (even deferred). The more dangerous Windows vulnerability, the less impact on home users, because M$ tries to patch it quickly. :giggle:
The real danger is for organizations. Many are still vulnerable to the old WannaCry.:(