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Oct 2, 2011


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Aug 19, 2022
We got him as a puppy at Zuni Indian reservation in Arizona. We were driving through the reservation and we noticed a garbage bag on the side of the road that was moving. Inside was this little guy, maybe 7 weeks old, the only survivor from a litter of 5. We took him in, gave him shots etc, vet stated it's a dog. We knew that he will be huge because his paws were enormous for a pup. So from the get go we started with a very strict discipline just in case. He is now a total Omega to us and to the toddler, the toddler rides him like a horse, and he is ok with it. However, when it comes to strangers he goes apeshit, very, very territorial. He doesn't bark much, or vocalize much, except for howling and some yaps. IF he starts to bark then we know that ##### has hit the fan since he has a one mean bark-howl combo. He is about 4 feet tall and weighs 150 lbs, his paw is basically my hand.

I had him genetically tested, and he is 30% Gray Wolf, 20% Red Wolf, 25% German Sheppard and 25% Tamascan.

Funny story: My wife was on call, so she got home at 3 am, but she was hungry, so she took him (he was a 10-month-old pup at the time) with her to a 24 hr. Walmart which was located in Guadalupe AZ (suburb of Phoenix and not a nice area). On the drive back from Wally, she is being tailgated by a car. As soon as my wife stops at the red light, a lady and a dude walk out of the car and start approaching my wife's SUV. As soon as the lady comes near the driver side window this little guy just does exactly what he is doing in this picture, just plasters his face against the window and growls showing all of his teeth. The lady yell "ay es lobo" and the dude performs a 180, get back into their car and blow through the red light. I think this boy just saved my wife from getting mugged.
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