Level 2
Well i can't scan unless it put it in my computer which i might do eventually.

MS helpdesk are not very helpful in this situation but i will post what i have been told:

" I see, if you have tried 3 different installer, that means that we have to configure your hardware because it might also have a damage or corruption made by the virus
what I can suggest is to go to you local tech to see the hardware components of your PC. "

" since we are sure that it is not the hardware, in this case, what giving us an error is the system itself, because it has missing files and it was corrupted because of the virus, that is why we are getting this message "

" in this case, if it is not your hardware it most probably the windows itself that is corrupted and cannot be able to install since it was damaged by the virus "

" it could be misconfigured ( The HDD ) while you are having an issue with the virus and while you are replacing your hardware "

yes we can try to do clean install from a disk, however if the Disk it self got also a corruption, I am afraid to say that we cannot use it and reinstall your system since it was corrupted before by the virus
because your system has a missing files, most probably from registry and corruption created by the virus "

I have tried 3 disks and 2 HDDs i noticed on the HDD that there is 2 partitions after format. one is a system partition and it had 84MB free of 100. Is this a virus?