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Infection date: 24 maybe 25 of August 2017

Initial symptoms:
a) Firefox started trying to open "file:///C:/ProgramData/Plusdaxs/" on startup
b) Target on firefox shortcut changed to '"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" %SNF%'
c) "findit" installed as a one-click search engine
d) Some websites started showing ads "Powered by Snapdo"
e) There used to be an unknown .exe running but i don't see it anymore, maybe i removed it.

Well, i followed a similar thread called "Potentially unwanted software keeps coming back" but i've stuck at the step with the fixlist! Also, zoek was running for more than 2 hours until a blue screen came up.

I also have uploaded Addition and FRST txt files from the scan i did with Farbar


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Level 41

Scan with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.
  • Install the progam.
  • Click the Settings tab, in the left panel choose Protection and tick Scan for rootkits.
  • Click the Scan tab, choose Threat Scan is checked and click Start Scan.
  • If threats are detected, click the Apply Actions button. You will now be prompted to reboot. Click Yes.
  • Upon completion of the scan (or after the reboot), click the Reports tab.
  • Double-click the Scan Log.
  • At the bottom click Export and choose Text file.
Save the file to your desktop and include its content in your next reply.

Please download Zemana AntiMalware and save it to your Desktop.
  • Install the program and once the installation is complete it will start automatically.
  • Without changing any options, press Scan to begin.
  • After the short scan is finished, if threats are detected press Next to remove them.
Note: If restart is required to finish the cleaning process, you should click Reboot. If reboot isn't required, please restart your computer manually.

  • Open Zemana AntiMalware again.
  • Click on
    icon and double click the latest report.
  • Now click File > Save As and choose your Desktop before pressing Save.
  • The only left thing is to attach saved report in your next message.

Fix with AdwCleaner

Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode and save the file to your Desktop.
  • Right-click on
    icon and select
    Run as Administrator to start the tool.
  • Accept the Terms of use.
  • Wait until the database is updated.
  • Click Scan.
  • When finished, please click Clean.
  • Your PC should reboot now.
  • After reboot, logfile will be opened. Copy its content into your next reply.

Note: Reports will be saved in your system partition, usually at C:\Adwcleaner

petros skaraveo

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First of all, THANKS A LOT!!!!!! I did everything you said and i've attached the files you asked!


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