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How to get a license
1 year for free for early users
Once downloaded, install the software & then launch your Office app
On the Office app interface, open the Power-User tab
Click the 'Enter License Key' menu and the activation window will be displayed.
Enter your email address twice and give a check on the sentence 'I agree to receive emails related to my license'
Click the ACTIVATE button and the program will be activated.
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Mar 9, 2019

Productivity Solution For Heavy Users of PowerPoint, Excel & Word​

Power-User is a productivity add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word.

It helps heavy users of MS Office deliver clear, concise, and visually impressive presentations in very little time while securing brand consistency.
  • Access thousands of templates, icons, flags, maps, charts, diagrams, logos, or pictures in your presentations.
  • Create robust links between Excel and PowerPoint to automate reports entirely.
  • Clean your presentation from typos, detect and remove inconsistent fonts, missing page numbers, double words, confidential information, etc.
  • Bring structure with automated agenda pages.
  • Easily align shapes thanks to a powerful ribbon specifically designed for heavy PowerPoint users.
  • Create advanced charts and maps to show your data in a powerful way.
With Power-User you can work 50% faster while delivering powerful presentations that will convince your audience.
Features of Power-User:

500+ templates for PPT and Excel
6,000 vector icons and flags
Millions of HD pictures
Logo browser
250 editable maps
Browse project tombstones
Clean presentations from errors
Replace colors in an entire deck
Send only selected slides
Agenda pages in 1 click
Change language in 1 click
Set same width/height
Swap positions
Increase spacing
Stack shapes
Split or merge shapes
Position shapes symmetrically…
Unlock new chart types (Mekkos, Sankey, Tornado, Waterfall…)
Build Gantt Diagrams easily
Design powerful dashboards
Link Excel charts and ranges to PowerPoint

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