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I think the evolution will be mostly in the camera..Nearly all manufacturers build the phone around it...
Look at all the ads for new smartphones and the "sales pitch" is always geared towards the capabilities of the camera..
True. In fact, this is exactly what is being talked about for future phones.

I have this but rarely use it anymore because I bought this.
If I have to shoot landscapes and need to blow it up to poster size then the Nikon is great..but now that happens only once in a blue moon..
Fantastic video of Norway shot on a phone.

... Now I use an Iphone 8 with Audeze SINE headphones.
I just checked these headphones out.... they do look good. Most of the time when I wear headphones though... I'm on airplanes. So the noise-cancelling thing is paramount for me. I've been waiting to see what the next iteration of the Sony WH-1000XM3 will be.


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personally i expect better screen quality, more RAM, battery life and less heating. sometimes imagine a phone where the screen takes all the phone area, no notches or bazels. i even wish a camera hidden behind the screen (not even sure it is possible lol)
I wish they would leave my bezels alone (bottom one) plus hardware navigation keys.
Yeah good point on the income thing.. It might be a big deal over there. Around these parts (USA), people have largely moved on from phones as any sort of status symbol or care. Just 5-6 years ago people used to talk about their phones, show them off, brag about them. I haven't seen this happen for a long time (several years).

I think the market has reached not only plateau, but it's dropping. I have no evidence of this other than to state it's what I noticed.. People not giving a hill of beans over phones anymore. Some people seem to be buying smaller, cheaper refurbs of previous generation ones. Burrito pointed out, the newer phone price points seem to be DROPPING now. Maybe that is the best indicator.

My phone holds several days of charge. Runs great. Has a nice camera, plenty of storage. Unless it dies, I am keeping it for as long as possible because I have no reason to upgrade. Same with the family.. We're good.. It used to be that we wanted new, expensive phones with every big release.. Glad those days are past!
3 years is minimum use I get out of my phone. When I buy a new phone I am actually excited cause the upgrade is actually something I can look forward to. Basically performance is nearly x2-x3 times what you had, better battery life, much better camera performance in low light. Can't say that about flagships, but in bugdet market it's f**King amazing.


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I would like my next phone to connect to a docking station so I can use my phone as processing unit. The docking station has additional disk storage, keyboard, mouse (and in my case also a second trackbal) and large screen. With the increased processing power of Smartphones, desktops (at least for jome use), will become obsolete.

Small detail in Linux I can switch left and right mouse buttons independantly for my trackball (which I use with my left hand) and vertical mouse (which I use with my right . hand). In Windows this left-right switch is set for all pointing devices (mouses). For two handed (at least gor me), I like yo switch left-right mouse switch only for my left hand (and keep right-lefy mouse buttons as is for my right hand). So when future Android smart phone know (become aware) that they are vonnected to a docking station, please offer Linux granularity of mouse control.


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Make phones 'more' out of glass and people will upgrade because of damage ;) (pun intended)
Give me all metal unibody, not the gimmicky glass (not denying it looks great but not practical). Can't even remember how many times I dropped my last one, must be like >50 or something. All it does is little scratches, and minor bumps. In the end I think I deliberately started dropping it just so that I had excuse to buy new one 😂