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May 4, 2019
Hi guys, I have something good for privacy lovers, I hope you like it.
It's fascinating.
Open source tool for enforcing privacy & security best practices on Windows and MacOS, because privacy is sexy.
  • Rich: Hundreds of scripts designed to give you control over your data.
  • Free: Both free as in beer and free as in speech.
  • Transparent. Have full visibility of what the tweaks do when you enable them.
  • Reversible. Undo if something feels wrong.
  • Accessible. No need to run compiled software on your computer with the web version.
  • Open. What you see as code in this repository is what you get. The application itself, its infrastructure and deployments are open source and automated thanks to bump-everywhere.
  • Tested. Lots of testing. Automated and manual. Community testing and review. Stability improvements come before new features.
  • Extensible. Easily extend scripts with a custom templating language.
  • Portable and simple. Each script runs independently without cross dependencies.


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Apr 21, 2016
Thanks for sharing! The open-source tool you provided seems like a great resource for privacy and security enthusiasts. The various features it offers, such as control over data, reversibility of changes, and transparency, are indeed interesting. The fact that it is accessible through a web version and is free both in terms of cost and freedom adds to its appeal. The testing and community involvement in its development also speak to its reliability. Overall, it appears to be a promising tool for those looking to enhance their privacy. Thanks for sharing the links to the GitHub repository and the website!


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Apr 18, 2022
Hello !

press a key to continue, and the command prompt closed...
I have to restart the computer ?

Thanks !!
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