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To be honest I haven't lost any money from my own credit card to them, or my online profile was hanging around with naked girls on the internet from the "free" antiviruses you just accused. I don't what's there to get hyped up if they are getting paid for gathering our statistical information, we aren't losing cash of any kind compared to what we pay for Kaspersky or Symantec. If people start losing it, there wouldn't be anyone left to use their product.

The very point of internet is to keep you connected. If you've nothing to hide, you are in safe hands. If someone has, probably internet is not the place for them. Offline is. This is how and what the world has turned into.

My experience with Qihoo was pleasant. They have a clear written EULA policy just like every other one. All these bad talks about Chinese products need to be stopped, although am not one.
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Look i see what you are saying, but let me say somethings of my own here as you seem to miss the point.
Do you actually know what data a online profile does contain? This is not limited to just your favo websites, search queries and neither is is limited to your credit card details. Think about your online TAX work? Your online medical history (Here in the EU TAX, Government, Medical and Insurance is often done over the net) There is not a single FOOL on the planet that does have ANYTHING to do with this data.
Unless they have been getting a written authorization to do so with a clear reason how what and where.
My point is that you do not have a idea how extensive this data gathering can be. And i am 200% that anyone here on the forum with actual professional exp can point out exactly how dangerous that is.
Look a law enforcement agency like NSA, or their Russian counter part FSB (Or any other agency) if they want your data they will get it, that's a no brainer and we all do not like it yet we know that within the limits our data is pretty much safe with them.
However those advert companies are a TRUE menace, they got very shady practices, zero privacy and making millions of dollars based upon your data. They play with your online and offline privacy, computer security and personal security.
Look legit true and well rounded advert companies will in 9 out of 10 times have at least some restrain and security to protect you and your data. But most of those less well rounded companies are willing to pay big big money to obtain your data and they will not give a damn about your security and such.

Tell me would you like your social security history and your payment details being shared with such companies?
Ask the staff here, or ask any "community star" what i am trying to tell you.
Plain and simple your data is being out there, and when it comes to Symantec and Kaspersky your data is safe, yes obviously law enforcement will have access and while this is not ok, its a public known fact and everyone is ok with it as its just something we cannot change. Both Kasperky and Symantec (And other well known brands) are open about it, they do not hide the fact that they in some cases have to share your info. But at least they are open and clear about it, they actually make a effort to keep your data safe.

However Comodo, Qihoo, Tencent and some of these other Asian and new brands, they claim that they protect your data, making you feel secure, yet virtually everything in their products is monitoring and loggin everything there is to log, they store it on a server and partner up with a advert company that offers them the biggest amount of cash for your profile. That's marketing fraud, that's misleading and outright dangerous. Anyway this almost sounds like i am bashing you (Which in am not) but please take my advise, read up about online privacy and how important that really is. To you, to your family, to your social network and such. This truly is a big deal.

Anyway i ask anyone here on this forum to give you examples and info about how important privacy really is and why this topic carries so much weight. Keep in mind here in the west adverts are a billion dollar business, yet in Asia it gets to a point where adverts alone will become much bigger then the western advert industry.



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Just as @Nico@FMA tagged me, and even if he didn't I would say my opinion on this...

I will not take any sides here, as clearly there are opposite ones, and I am so glad that its a polite and nice discussion.

When James Watt firstly created a steam machine, from that point, people started breathing poison... not air, but poison. Simply taken, when The Internet firstly look the light in life, there was no, there is no, and there will not be such thing as privacy.

What is privacy? Is it a secret? Is it some thing that you just saw or did and no one else could ever imagine or guess what you saw or did? In case you don't tell anyone and die with it.
Internet is connected, people are connected all over the world, and with my skeptic opinion about this theme, I am lead by a thought that everything what you do or did online, is not just yours. It's stored somewhere. And someone could look at it. Whatever layers of protection you're using to hide it.
What is the real problem?
The problem is that we just guess. And all those people on the different forums and sites are just guessing what happens with, how to say, "global collection of our data". Is it at Google's hands? Or Microsoft's? FBI?
This is not just a problem with online world. Companies and tycoons are making money out of us on this or that way. And we are not even aware... Why? Because it's a clever plan of taking money out of our pockets when our pockets are already empty o_O It's a clever plan to give you something you think it's yours, but it isn't and never was. You just don't feel it. It's called economy :rolleyes:
I see and hear every woe and injustice everyday, everywhere (I mean in the world). It's sad. But it's true. And I accepted it.
We, as individuals, work for salary... "they" work for profit.

Soon we will have a card (implemented under our skin or not) where all information, our lives, our medical care, bank accounts, our list of good friends, list of people we don't like, our money will be there... In one place. Why? Among other practical stuff it will provide us, we need to remember : "People like to know what other people do or think..." It's in every medical book of physiology. It's in our nature.

We could just make a less probability for other man or machine to exploit what we think we're securing, by using a good names as Symantec, ESET, Kaspersky, Sophos and others... But we cannot know. Because on the planet Earth, not everything is logical.

Of course, if I do online banking, online shopping, use business mails and store it locally, have quite amount of money spinning online, I wouldn't protect myself with some software of some company that just came out on the market and no one heard of it before.
I, as "regular" user of the internet (like I said in my honest opinion) really don't care about my privacy in that manner. Or not taking this thing too seriously. Because I don't really feel I should care. Nor in my pocket nor out of my pocket.

Thank you for reading.
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