New Update Quetta: first look at the privacy-first browser for Android


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Aug 17, 2014
Homepage: Quetta: Private Browser with Ad Blocker & Playlist

Quetta is a new web browser that is now available for Android. The developers of the browser promise strong privacy protections and features. In this first look review, we will be taken a closer look at the browser to verify these claims.

Quetta is available for Android at this point. Versions for other operating systems are promised, but not yet available. The browser is based on Chromium, the same source as most Android browsers.

Privacy is the foundation of Quetta according to the website. The browser "does not collect, store or share any data". Built in tools, including an ad-blocker and script controls, protect user data by default.
Quetta makes a lot of promises. The browser appears well designed and some of its features are useful.

Some questions remain unanswered at this point. One of the first that always comes to mind is how is the project financed? It is not mentioned and a disclosure on the website might alleviate concern in this regard. It is possible that money is generated through search engine deals or plans to create a "Pro" version. Another red flag, at least for some, is that the browser is not open source.

The feature comparison on Quetta's website is obviously biased. Any browser maker could create a list that only their browser supports 100%.

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