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An infostealing malware that is relatively new on cybercriminal forums can extract sensitive data from about 60 applications on a targeted computer.
All the popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Vivaldi, Waterfox, SeaMonkey, UC Browser) are on the list of targets along with more than 20 other solutions, which are robbed of cookies, history, and autofill information.

Hot cryptocurrency apps like Electrum, Ethereum, Exodus, Jaxx, and Monero, are of interest, searching for their wallet files in the default locations. However, Raccoon also can scan the system to grab wallet.dat files regardless of where they are stored.

From the email client software category, Raccoon looks for data from at least Thunderbird, Outlook, and Foxmail.

In a report today CyberArk researchers say that this infostealer relies on the same procedure to steal the data: locate and copy the file with the sensitive info, apply extraction and decryption routines, and placing the info in a text file ready for exfiltration.

Additional capabilities in the malware include collecting system details (OS version and architecture, language, hardware info, enumerate installed apps).

Attackers can also customize Raccoon's configuration file to snap pictures of the infected systems' screens. Additionally, the malware can act as a dropper for other malicious files, essentially turning it into a stage-one attack tool.

This type of malware is not necessarily used for immediate benefits as it is useful for increasing permissions on the system or for moving to other computers on the network.

"After fulfilling all his stealing capabilities, it gathers all the files that it wrote to temp folder into one zip file named Now all it has to do is send the zip file back to the C&C server and delete its trace" - CyberArk


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Issh! Not anything I would want on my phone. Sit down and don't rock the boat. :p:coffee:

Cyberreasons report was interesting to read.
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