Radio Garden: tune into local and remote radio stations in your browser


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Aug 17, 2014
Homepage: Radio Garden

Radio Garden is a free online service that provides radio stations that users may listen to from any browser they use. The service is free to use and does not require an account.

Apps for Google Android and Apple iOS devices are also available.

Radio Garden's website has a minimalistic design. The service displays a local radio station on start automatically using an extensive database of available options. It zooms in on the user's location on a map and visualizes all available radio stations in the vicinity and farther away.

The selection depends on the user's location, which means that mileage may vary depending on availability. Some regions, e.g., China, are blank entirely, while others have lots of options to choose from.

A click on the play button starts playback immediately. The browser window can be minimized and you may switch to another tab without interfering with playback.

There is also an explore option. Activation of the button displays local stations, stations from the area, nearby cities and stations from farther away that may be selected with just a click.

browse radio stations

Map navigation is possible as well. A click on a region or station on the map selects it and starts playback right away. There are zoom buttons to zoom in or out.

There is also a search, to find stations quickly. Search supports finding stations by their name, country or city. The search interface displays popular stations by default and replaces that default listing with the results once a search is made.

Radio Garden has a couple of extra features besides those already mentioned. You may add a station to the favorites for quick access, lock the radio station that is active, or use the location finder to get an exact reading of the device's location.

The service supports thousands of radio stations from all over the world. Missing stations may be suggested in the Settings.


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Jan 21, 2018
I welcome the information about another source of online radio, thanks. At the same time I found that I can't access it as a https website and WebGL needs to be allowed, the latter might be deigned to be a privacy/fingerprinting concern.

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