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I decided to try rainmeter. Any recommendations about themes and skins are welcome. (I like flat and clean designs.) I am still looking for app icons, for example steam.

Do any of you uses other "desktop customization tools"? My first custom wallpaper:

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Level 36
I'm using on every machine several tools from (well known) www.stardock.com:
I decided to buy only tools from one developer so can avoid issues between several different software products.

* DeskScapes 8
* Fences® 2.0

* IconPackager 5
* ObjectDock
* SoundPackager
* Start8
* Start8/ModernMix Bundle
* WindowBlinds 7
* WindowBlinds 8
* WindowFX 5/6

I'm kind of a design junkie.... still looking for new design tools, skins, wallpapaers, graphic effects, sound effects, etc, ...., ....
stil can't get enough of design on my machines...:D

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