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Windows 10
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Norton Security 2015
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Va Ranjith

Level 3
Hi, I joined malwaretips on June 2015 only for testing new malwares. Soon became an addict of MT and learnt a lot about malwares and how do they work. You guys rock. I felt it's time to properly introduce myself in this wonderful community.

Ranjith is my name and i work as a programmer. I code mostly MVC projects but loves Java programming. I have no real friends, i mean the one who cares about me but had lot of friends who needed something, from me (mostly concepts, ideas and programs). So i don't believe in friendship, love and god (but i believe in karma). I love to help people who's in need and teach children (those who can't afford to learn things) the basics of programming in my free time.

and that's all for now. I'll update this post soon.


Level 61
Hello and welcome to the community! :)

I respect your statement about regarding on not believing to God, my side only is that sometimes things cannot explain very well by science and technology itself which why it makes only a theory without any proving.
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