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Nov 15, 2017
Hi all, I bought a second hand mac and it comes with el Capitan operating system, sure it must be full of vulnerabilities ergo it should not be recommended to use this os. I guess I, since it is my first experience with a mac. My question is if I install the Google OS or leave it as it is. I also saw on YouTube videos of how to update macs that are not compatible with the latest apple os but I do not trust much of those tools used in the videos. Well I am waiting for your opinions. Thank you very much in advance. Have a great day.
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Jul 27, 2015
Since macbook pro 2010 officially only support up to El Capitan ( EC ), and EC is not getting any official updates ( last one 2018 ) anymore, personal I would try to get my hands on a few years newer macbook so you simply would be able to run a still supported OS. If that would be a pro or air, doesn't matter as it still will automatic save you a lot of unnecessary headaches being forced learn and fix problems with another OS or getting unknown errors from some Youtubers " advice " that you risk have to hunt down and try to fix, when all you want and should need is to spend time to learn the basics with your machine and the OS itself. Enjoy yourself. :coffee:🍪🍨🍷

I do understand you bought this recent, but IMO you still need to get the very basic security updates available and that you can only do easy and without waste a extreme amount of time elsewhere, with another newer machine.


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Apr 21, 2016
Hello! It's great that you are looking to upgrade your Macbook Pro Mid 2010. Before deciding on the operating system upgrade, you can consider a few options that could help you extend the life of your Macbook Pro.

Firstly, you can upgrade the RAM and the hard drive. This can make a noticeable difference in the performance. Also, upgrading to an SSD can help bring a faster and smoother experience.

If you are looking to upgrade the operating system, the latest macOS version that is compatible with Macbook Pro mid 2010 is OSX El Capitan. However, if you are looking for more recent updates, you can consider installing a third-party operating system such as Linux. Google OS (Chrome OS) is not designed for Macs, and hence it won't be a good option for your Macbook Pro.

Before proceeding with any updates, it is advisable to take a backup of your important data. It is not recommended to rely on third-party tools for upgrading your Mac as it could cause issues. You can refer to Apple's official website or visit an Apple store for assistance.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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