Q&A Replacing AppGuard with AppLocker (possibly)


From VoodooShield
May 31, 2017
You say Andy's "product" is only for security geeks but that is a wild claim and there is no evidence you provide to support it. You act like people cannot handle a product that is basically an ON-OFF product like a light switch. Please show us a single instance where a H_C user couldn't figure out how to use the product or a bug that persisted to the extent that the user abandoned the product.

Since you asked for evidence, I am happy to provide it.

Andy makes great products for security enthusiasts. I have actually always been surprised that a lot of security enthusiasts have a fondness for VS, simply because it was not designed for advanced users who like to tweak security software.

BTW, I COMPLETELY understand why you think deny-by-default products are such a difficult sell. On many different levels ;).
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Andy Ful

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Dec 23, 2014
As @mazskolnieces have noticed, the H_C settings can be used by anyone. Such a setup is intended especially for inexperienced users, children, etc. The only requirement is that from time to time the help from an advanced user is needed. If the software setup on the computer is simple, such help is needed sporadically. So it can be used without any problem by inexperienced users in 99.9% of the time and will require a geek in the rest 0.1%.
I would like to end the discussion about H_C because it is not needed here. We already have a separate thread for such discussions and @MrSecure007 can get comprehensive information there. (y)
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