Review Review: Intel Optane 800P (SSD)


Level 37
Feb 4, 2016
Optane for the masses.

Intel and its production partner Micron have never been shy about promoting the advantages of their Optane technology. Indeed it is a potential game changer. So far we’ve seen a few products that show off just what this exciting technology is capable of. The first products were the somewhat lacklustre Optane cache drives which provided a few benefits, but they didn’t really set the world on fire. Then we saw the excellent high end 900P and its enterprise counterparts which under many workloads are simply the fastest SSDs available. Finally we have an Optane drive that the masses can sink their teeth into. The 800P that we are reviewing here is the first truly consumer oriented model and one that promises to shake up the traditional SSD market. But the obvious question is: Can it?