Review: Panda Internet Security 2016
1. Decent looking user interface

2. low ram usage

3. no system slow down

4. good web prevention

5. good detection rate
1. scanning and removal process was slow

2. behavior blocker did not fully protect me
At the end of the day, Panda Internet Security 2016 has done a good job in the web prevention test and it had a good detection rate against 449 files, but they need to improve on there zero day components.

Tony Cole

Level 27
Panda looks and seems good, but I tried their 2014 version and the application control was a nightmare, nothing like Kaspersky’s application control, it just blocks it. As many have suggested testing an antivirus with 1000 samples is nothing to the actual level required to reach a mean point, they can then say, statistically Panda can block 99.9% of the current malware available at that given time. Saying that, how on earth can detection rate mean anything with malware that is infecting your computer? It’s like saying you treat heart disease when you have it, when in fact you try to prevent it before the damage can occur.


Level 85
@MisterToto : Well that depends, we should aware the history of FP mistakes brought by Panda that affects large number of users but I assure their generic/offline detection came to react on legitimate ones per my observation which better keep your internet connectivity active to reduce possible misflag.


Level 12
Panda is a superb anti virus in my experience in terms of detection rate but no so good when you are in offline mode and one of my friends PC got infected when he connected a pen drive while his PC was in offline mode. Panda can detect malwares while in offline mode, but cant match the detection rate that of Avast or Avira. So make sure a Panda PC have always on Internet to be on the safe side.