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That ends my license for this program. I think that is a very good application to uninstall programs. That is why I am writing to contest!


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I want it to uninstall the software from my computer.!/Zmarszczak/status/120504171031052289


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I hope to get this amazing software for a year!!/Edisnaecoimvu/status/120639157784686592

Thanks Jack for the giveaway.


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I need this software to delete unwanted software from my system completely, for next one year.
So I also want to try my luck.!/IndiaLips/status/120094125335904256


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Thanks for the giveaway.

Please count me in:!/GrrGrrr/status/122149396879122432



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It's an effective uninstaller
Share this giveaway via twitter and hope to win one!/nam_nguyen79/status/122930741779763200

Many thanks Jack


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I've been recommending Revo Uninstaller to people for years and install it on all my OS installations. It truly is a great product. Count me in for this giveaway.!/CompTechTips/status/126048692460453888


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excellent uninstaller. Count me in!/rizusiddiqui/status/126270969055682561


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The Revo Uninstaller Pro sweepstakes is now over!
We will randomly chose inside our ChillaxRoom in 30 minutes, you are all invited to assist.
We have 15 license keys for Revo Uninstaller Pro and 53 members who joined this sweepstakes.
Good luck to all!

Note : We have removed the posts who didn't respect the sweepstakes rules.
eg : Double posts or didn't have the link to the share in them.


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We have our winners :
Results >>

Number 30 was chose twice so we had another roll for 1 license key.Winner #14.

We will publish in a few minutes the names of the winners.


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I've removed our announcement so that the post number will be the same as the roll, just to avoid any confusions.So now Roll # = Post #

Here are the winners of our Revo Uninstaller Pro sweepstakes :
  1. Roll #30 > vodomar
  2. Roll #34 > sk1sd
  3. Roll #23 > qwer0
  4. Roll #33 > kire74
  5. Roll #39 > SamChan
  6. Roll #28 > amazingAG
  7. Roll #52 > rizsid
  8. Roll #18 > BoXX28
  9. Roll #2 > aviator
  10. Roll #36 > shubhgreat
  11. Roll #43 > K__M
  12. Roll #49 > husdude
  13. Roll #53 > allin77
  14. Roll #37 > shalnark11
  15. Roll #14 > Arthur Zvereff

The license keys will be sent through our Private Messaging system in the next 24 hours.Congratulations to all the winners and for those who weren't that lucky tonight we will host another Revo Uninstaller Pro sweepstakes soon ... :drinks:


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:yahoo::yahoo: it's great to find my name among the winners. Congrats to other winners and thanks Jack for organizing such a nice giveaway :goodpost:
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