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The main advantages of RoboForm Everywhere

- Install RoboForm on as many computers and mobile devices, on what you want.
- transparently synchronize passwords and other RoboForm data.
- Always keep a backup of passwords and other information.
- In the highest degree of safe and easy to use product.

1. Download RoboForm Everywhere for Windows.

2. Install on your computer by selecting "Everywhere".

3. Activate license for 1 year from the menu RoboForm (tray)> Help> Activate RoboForm. Use any "Name" and Order Code:
as the value of "order."

Terms of promotion
- The license must be activated before 11:00 March 19, 2014
- The registration data can be used to reinstall the program
- it is not available on the free technical support
- it is not available on the ability to upgrade to future versions
- The program is intended only for personal use