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Was wondering if it is not a generally good idea to use an older windows 7 laptop to do some work on. I dont use it at all for anything and It's not quite capable of running a VM but just wanted to get your guys advice.



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You can always make the VM use a great portion of your hardware. I would recommend against using a host machine for malware analysis. To start with you'd have to format thousands of times instead of just restoring a snapshot. Plus malware can easily gain access to the local network machines. Not a good idea, even more now when malware is getting more and more sophisticated.


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First of all, it's good that you learn a little about how malware works, after that you can do tests on your laptop, as long as you use Shadow Defender and a good VPN, and always with responsibility and care.

But always remembering that for beginners, it will always be advisable to use a virtual machine with a VPN.