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A Russian cybercriminal codenamed “Soldier” has managed to steal more that $3 million in the course of 6 months from U.S. organizations and individuals, being aided by two American accomplices and numerous money mules.

Trend Micro has been investigating the hacker who is supposedly a 20-year old from Russia.

With the help of a few criminal tools and accomplices from the U.S., he managed to steal $17,000 each day from those who owned the infected machines.

ZeuS and SpyEye were just a few of his resources in the attempt of pillaging the bank accounts of those who found themselves in the way of his malicious operations.

The research reveals that a close look at the IP addresses involved in the attacks shows a majority of victims residing in the United States, 10 percent of them being spread over 90 other countries around the world.

It is believed that companies were not initially targeted, but because the infected computers were housed in them, they might have fallen victims to other hackers which might have wanted to steal confidential data from them.
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JurgNet said:
Lol , let s see if he s brave enough to enjoy his cybercrime money :p
"he" (mafia?) can stole money in this fashion so he can open anonymous accounts in offshore banks and transfer money there.
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