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    Google Play Store: McAfee Safe Keyboard │ Privacy - Android Apps on Google Play
    More McAfee Innovations: McAfee Innovations - Android Apps on Google Play

    McAfee Safe Keyboard, the first mobile keyboard designed to give you back your right to privacy and security. No matter which app you’re in, McAfee Safe Keyboard protects everything you type to keep your data top secret.

    Someone snooping on you? Don’t worry. Activate the Privacy Filter so only you can see your screen when you are typing in Incognito Mode. Nobody sitting next to you will be able to see your screen while you type!

    Protection features:
    • Proactive Protection: Sensitive content detection automatically spots — and protects — your privacy, by helping you switch to Incognito Mode in the right moment
    • Incognito Mode: Protect what you type by turning off tracking and text prediction in your keyboard, making your typing experience super secure and private
    • Password entry protection: Safe Keyboard automatically detects when you are entering a password and activates the Incognito Mode to boost the security measures, protecting your sensitive information
    • Secure Keypad: Scramble your number pad so nobody can guess your passcode or PIN
    • Privacy Filter: Keep what’s on your screen secret so only you can see it. When the privacy filter is active, nobody will be able to see your device screen from a side when you are typing in Incognito Mode!
    • Privacy: McAfee Safe Keyboard does not collect any personal data.
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    May 22, 2016
    This looks interesting, going to try it out for a few days and see how it goes. :)
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    Thanks for the share, Intel are really working hard with bringing McAfee back in the game since they acquired it.
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    Looks good! Thanks for share!
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