Samsung's Sinister 'Mass Brainwashing' Technology Unveiled


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Nov 5, 2011
Samsung's Sinister 'Mass Brainwashing' Technology Unveiled - Creepy Mind Control Hypnosis
George Orwell Meets The Matrix At Samsung: Sinister Mass Brainwashing Technology Unveiled

George Orwell Meets 'The Matrix' At Samsung: Is 'Big Tech' Now 'Programming' The Next 'School Shooter'? Sinister 'Mass Brainwashing' Technology Unveiled
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this March 19th story over at The Vigilant Citizen which Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Tuesday they report that electronics giant Samsung has launched a new website called "Unspoil Me" which can allegedly "erase your memory" via hypnosis so that you can watch a TV show or movie which you've already seen before as if you're watching it for the very first time.
While such a website and what it is promising sound as if it were a joke, as VC reports, Samsung is very serious about their new website and its capabilities with the 23-minute hypnosis session which you can participate in for free composed of swirling patterns and mesmerizing music actually created by certified hypnotists in Sweden.
And while we refuse to take part in what might just be a 'new world order mass brainwashing', if you really want to, you can check out their session here but don't blame us if it brings about any 'unexpected results' such as you being 'MK-ultra-cated' (credit Steve Quayle for coining that term) following the hypnosis.
As Adan Salazar reports over at Infowars, while 'Unspoil me' promises to erase ONLY memories of the TV series, movie or video that YOU choose, and the website specifically states “you won’t forget anything you don’t want to", the website also claims that people who suffer from either epilepsy or mental illness should not undertake the hypnosis process.
And while Samsung's intentions with 'Unspoil Me' could be benevolent, as Vigilant Citizen reports, the brainwashing method that is being used is very similar to how those who have suffered trauma or PTSD work to erase “bad memories"
“In real life, electroshock therapy is used to erase ‘bad memories’ from subjects’ minds in order to treat depression and PTSD. In darker circles, hypnosis and electroshock are used to erase, distort and to re-create the memories of victims who underwent severe trauma – an important step of mind control,” the Vigilant Citizen notes.

Is 'Unspoil Me' more than Samsung is leading Americans and the world to believe it to be? As Salazar reports at Infowars, "the eerie nature of the project, akin to a Black Mirror episode, raises questions as to whether the corporate giant has something more sinister behind its efforts to literally control customers’ minds."
As we see detailed below this brief segment, Samsung is a major player in the unfolding 'surveillance state' and the 'new world order' and as The Guardian reported back in 2016, Samsung sparked a major controversy back in 2015 after announcing that their televisions would "listen to everything said in the room it’s in and in the fine print literally warned people not to talk about sensitive information in front of it."

As CNET recently reported in their story titled "Samsung just hypnotized me through my computer screen", the 'trip down the rabbit hole' for their reporter who tried the hypnotization process to forget HBO's "Big Little Lies" pretty much blew up in the reporters face.
"Straight away I remembered everything about "Big Little Lies" I had been trying to repress, as well as some details about the show I had previously forgotten.
Who knows, perhaps I sabotaged my own chances of forgetting by reliving my hypnosis. Perhaps I will wake up tomorrow and have forgotten everything about "Big Little Lies" after all. Perhaps I will feel a strange, inexplicable urge to go out and buy a Samsung TV.
Rather than forgetting the show, 'Unspoil Me' caused the exact opposite.
More likely, my dreams will now forever be haunted by Nicole Kidman. Every time I close my eyes, there she will be, judging me, reminding me that I couldn't forget. Thanks a bunch, Samsung."

In the first video below from Samsung taken from this 'Ads of the World' story they give us a brief overview of a hypnosis session involving someone trying to forget about the TV show 'Game of Thrones' and a hypnotist. With the photographs above taken straight from their video, is 'Unspoil Me' a part of a far more sinister globalist plan than what they claim to be?
As mentioned previously, Samsung kicked a hornet's nest a few years ago when announcing that their smart TV's are taking in everything that is being spoken about in the room that they're in showing that indeed, 'big brother' is in our homes.

And as this February of 2016 story over at Quartz reported, "the future is here and it looks horrible". From that story:
"At the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this week we were given a glimpse of the new world order.
Samsung on Feb. 21 unveiled its latest smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge—iterations on the similarly named S6 models from last year—but the main thing it showed off was a glimpse of a strikingly new world and the prophet heralding its arrival, Mark Zuckerberg.
The founder of Facebook, connector of billions, strode confidently onstage at Samsung amidst a sea of plugged-in civilians, all experiencing a collective virtual-reality demonstration. In one fell swoop, while reminiscing about coding when he was 11 years old and explaining how great VR content has become, Zuckerberg brought to the fore a new delineation in society: The connected and unconnected classes."

The photograph that went along with their story that we see below will forever be remembered.

With Americans in 2018 already living in a day and age of 'mass mind control' via electronic monitors as Mary Taylor reported in this March 7th ANP story titled "These 'Tools of Tyrants' Are Hidden In Plain Sight Within Our Homes And Controlled By A Diabolical Power: 'Brain Meltdown' By Telepresence Has Lobotomized The Masses", what comes next? From Mary's story:

"How do you waste a perfectly good mind and create a zombie? An article on the Steve Quayle site last week shows how easy it is to “zombify” Americans—just sit them in front of their TVs, computer monitors or smart phones and whisper softly behind the screens.
Electromagnetic fields from these monitors are actually a form of nervous system manipulation, the US Patent article reveals. When pulsed images are displayed, it results in certain “physiological effects” in humans, not good news for most computer nerds and TV couch potatoes.
“Many computer monitors and TV tubes emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to excite sensory resonance in a nearby subject,” the article noted. “It is therefore possible to manipulate someone’s nervous system by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set.”
In other words, sneaky subliminal messages are changing us from high-functioning, thinking beings into mind-controlled zombies content to sleepwalk through life."

With 'the masses' already 'lobotomized' and tens of millions of Americans already 'sleepwalking' through life, combined with the fact that Samsung is obviously linked to globalism like flies to cow dung, the possibility that 'Unspoil Me' was launched by Samsung for 'ulterior motives' should be looked at as high, especially with the globalists now attempting their very best to 'vanquish truth' and silence conservatives at a time when they truly believed they had 'won' America and thus 'the world' with a Hillary Clinton presidency.
And with no precautions in place at 'Unspoil Me' to prevent those who might have mental illnesses from being able to access their website and be hypnotized despite their warning that those with mental illnesses should avoid it, might future school shooters be 'being programmed' by 'Unspoil Me', MK-Ultra-cated in their own homes?
With it long proven that globalists use 'subliminal mind control', we personally wouldn't trust Samsung on this as far as we can throw them but if any ANP readers do decide to 'take the plunge' and watch Samsung's hypnotization video, please let us know what you discovered in the comment section below.

While Wikipedia reports that in 2015, Samsung was granted more U.S. patents than any other company - including IBM, Google, Sony, Microsoft and Apple, we learn of what might be their most sinister patent from Mind Control World Cach in Sweden:

Samsung files patent application for an implantable medical device that can transmit information.
Think of it as a secure Wi-Fi router for your body.

Samsung has applied for a patent on an implantable medical device that can communicate physiological/pathological information with an “external device.”
At last, an app to tell us when we’re stressed, drunk, or asleep (states that typically occur in that order, at least for me).
Samsung envisions much more than just a pacemaker you connect to. The application includes a number of possible scenarios with sci-fi implications such as a brain implant to keep track of brainwaves (but certainly not embed subliminal messages about the superior quality of Samsung devices) and fingertip implants for motion detection.
There’s even mention of using the brain implant to directly control the system. Cutting through the patent-speak, Samsung is talking about an implant system capable of being controlled through thought.
Also fascinating is the apparent acknowledgment of the scary Orwell-meets-The Matrix potential of such a technology with the inclusion of a security engine in the device that could send alerts to the user whenever someone else is attempting to access the system.
So that scary pre-singularity moment could appear sooner than we thought: the day we have to decide if a chip in the head that could tell us about the stroke we’re about to have is worth the risk of a becoming the target of a brain hack. Suddenly, regular doctor’s check-ups aren’t sounding so bad anymore.

... is Samsung setting up America for a 'huge event' in the future?

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