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Since when exactly? At least it's going to remain free, right..

Sandboxie fans have no need to be concerned by its new ownership. You’ve been running under the Invincea umbrella for some time now and we have been working with Sandboxie Founder, Ronen Tzur, to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership. We will grow Sandboxie’s user base and continue to support and enhance the Sandboxie solution.

The Sandboxie acquisition makes great sense for Invincea and for Sandboxie users. First, Sandboxie is a great product that individuals can download for free and get immediate protection on their own machines – it has been and will remain this way.


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This could be good but also bad, we will have to wait and see. Hopefully this new owner will not stripe components of Sandboxie, use them in their products then discontinue Sandboxie. That is the way most new ownerships end up.

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Today, Invincea announced that we raised US $16M in equity financing from venture investors led by Aeris Capital and Dell Ventures with participation from existing investors Grotech Ventures, Harbert Ventures, and New Atlantic Ventures. In addition, we announced the acquisition of Sandboxie from an earlier transaction in 2013.
I have to agree with Littlebits.Obviously a large amount of cash was offered to acquire SBIE.When cash like that is flying around investors are looking to make money.It was mentioned that the acquisition was to expand sandboxie into a new product(Invincea FreeSpace™ )and beyond Windows such as android,ect.

Like Littlebits said it usually ends with the product being incorporated into something new.

Personally I take this as sad news

The two pioneering brands in Windows Containment technology are Invincea and Sandboxie. Not coincidentally, they are also the leading brands by market share [footprint & sales] in Windows Containment globally. Invincea’s acquisition of Sandboxie consolidates these two market leading brands and provides a tremendous opportunity for advancement in endpoint security.

Sandboxie has been an early pioneer in Windows Containment with a global deployment of hundreds of thousands of users and over 1,000 firms trusting it to secure its endpoints. Adding Sandboxie to Invincea’s portfolio was a strategic move to expand our business globally, to address the small and individual market, and provide a pathway for Sandboxie fans to an enterprise ready solution –Invincea FreeSpace™.
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Potentially this may not be good news for users of the free app. Investors coughing up that kind of capital for a product are most definitely looking for a return on their investment. One can only hope for the best, but plan for the worst case scenario. That said, as one member remarked on Wilders, it may be a good idea to download the installer for your preferred version and kept it.
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sharks eat fishes , it is well known ; now let see what will be left ^^