Level 63
Combined 32/64 installer:


Fixes in 4.13.6

1) Chrome 37/38 crash error C0000008 (invalid handle).

2) Chrome 38-64 hang (web page unresponsive).

3) Chrome hangs when printing to PDF.

4) Browsers cannot access Internet when using McAfee SaaS

5) Silverlight crashing in Win 8.1 (viewtopic.php?t=18513)

6) Excel sometimes crashes when copying large amounts of data.

7) Sandboxie now has language support for Farsi (Persian).

Fixes in 4.13.5

1) Several incompatibilities with Chrome 37 & 38 have been fixed.

2) The problem with multiple Sandboxie update dialogs introduced in 4.13.4 has been fixed.

Fixes in 4.13.4

1) The auto-update feature only checked the next update time (SbieCtrl_NextUpdateCheck) 1 time when SbieCtrl.exe was started. If SbieCtrl.exe was kept running, it would never check the update time again. This has been fixed.

2) Several large memory leaks (reported by Dr. Larry Pepper et al.) have been fixed. In particular: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=18412

3) ASLR is now enabled for SbieDll.dll 32 bit (64 bit will come later).

4) OpenIpcPath=\BaseNamedObjects\FontCachePort is now in templates.ini as a default. Until now, this was a suggested work-around for some Chrome 37 problems.
NOTE: the default only applies to new installs. For existing installs, you need to go into Sandbox settings->Applications->Miscellaneous, and check the option "Allow direct access to Windows Font Cache"

5) NtQueryInformationProcess was not working correctly for 32 bit apps running in 64 bit Windows. The sandbox path was returned instead of the host path. This is mainly for Buster and BSA.

6) There is a new EULA (license.txt)

The Chrome 37/38 permissions problem with drop rights is still being worked.

Fixes in 4.13.3

1) Support for Chrome 37-64.

2) Added hook for GetProcessImageFileName/NtQueryInformationProcess so it now returns the faked, sandboxed path.

3) Improvements to the Dutch language text.

Fixes in 4.13.2

1) If SandboxieInstall.exe tries to download the VC Redistributables and fails, there is now a retry option.

2) The SbieSvc startup time has been increased from 5 seconds to 15 seconds. Hopefully, this will eliminate the following sequence of startup errors:
SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process %2
SBIE2336 Error in GUI server: %2
SBIE2337 Failed to start program: %2

3) Malware DarkComet is using a quirk in Windows to put up a MessageBox that does not have the sandboxed yellow window border. This poses no security risk, but to prevent user anxiety, this has been fixed (reported by a Sbie user).

4) Security has been tightened in other areas as well.

Fixes in 4.13.1

1) Special flag added to OpenWinClass to restore Buster Sandbox Analyzer (BSA) message logging. /IgnoreUIPI allows low integrity sandboxed processes to send WM_COPYDATA msgs to windows in higher integrity processes.
Example Sandboxie.ini entries (both lines required):


(This does not fix all the problems with BSA, but it is a start)

2) Sandboxed cmd.exe will crash if window title > 256 chars. (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=19089)

3) Fixed rare BSOD viewtopic.php?f=11&t=19076&p=101687

4) Fixed kernel memory leak in SandboxieCrypto viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15820

5) The combined installer SandboxieInstall.exe now checks for the VC Redistributables DLLs we require. If they are not up to date (10.0.40219.325), the installer will download and install the VC Redist. from
To clarify:
SandboxieInstall.exe does not contain MS VC DLLs. If they are already installed, we are good to go. If they are not installed or are not up to date, we download the VC Redist. installer package and execute it.
SandboxieInstall32.exe & SandboxieInstall64.exe contain the DLLs we require. If they are not installed or are not up to date, we just copy the ones we require into system32. The VC Redist. installer is never downloaded or executed.

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Sandboxie 4.13.6 Beta / 4.12 Final


Run programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.
Sandboxie requires neither the disabling nor blocking of functions available to Web sites through the browser. Instead, Sandboxie isolates and quarantines the outcome of whatever the Web site may do to your computer, including the installation of unsolicited software. There is no trade-off of functionality for security: the Web site can use the full range of active content tools, and if it uses these tools maliciously to install software or otherwise make changes in your computer, then these changes can be easily undone.
Sandboxie has originally been designed to increase the security of browsing with Internet Explorer, however it is just as effective with any other browser, and in fact, any other program. Sandboxie wraps a protection layer around the programs it supervises. It is this layer that intercepts and isolates any changes the programs make to the computer. And this layer is impartial to the specific program it wraps.
Sandboxie is a software that allows you isolates and quarantines website.

When you browse the web, changes occur to your computer system.
Most of the time these changes are harmless, like recording the addresses of web sites you have visited (and when), so the browser can help you complete a web address that you type in. Whether these changes are harmless or harmful, they do in fact happen to your computer system.

If you use Sandboxie to protect your browsing session, it catches all these changes just as the browser is about to apply them into your computer system. Sandboxie does record these changes on behalf of the browser, but it records them in a special isolated folder, called the sandbox.

Benefit of having a sandboxie is that it ensures your ability to get rid of all changes done by the browser, simply by deleting the sandbox folder.

Anotherfeature of Sandboxie is the ability to terminate all sandboxed programs at once. As some web sites tend to pop up three new browser windows for each one you close, you can have Sandboxie close all of them with a click of a button.

1.Use Sandboxie free of charge for any length of time that you desire. However, if you use Sandboxie for more than 30 days, the software will occasionally remind you to consider paying the registration fee. By doing that, you would show your support for further development and improvement of Sandboxie.
2.By paying the registration fee of $20 US-dollars you get a life-time registration key to this and and all upcoming versions of the Sandboxie product.

Version History:


Level 63
4.15 Beta Available (Latest Version 4.15.1)

Combined 32/64 installer:


Fixes in 4.15.1

1) Major redesign of hooking/injection code. ASLR is now enabled for 64 bit.

2) VC Redistributables are no longer downloaded by the combined 32/64 installer. The required VC DLLs are now included in the installer binary (which is why it is much larger now).


Level 5
4.15 Beta Available (Latest Version 4.15.7)

Combined 32/64 installer:


Fixes in 4.15.7
1) Fixed a DLL Initialization Failed error 0x0C0000142 with Chrome and possibly other 32 bit applications (hooking conflict).
2) Removed Avast from the list of known conflicts in templates.ini. This means Sandboxie will no longer popup the dialog box telling you to "review the Known Conflicts page..." when Avast is detected.