New Update Sandboxie-Plus 1.14.0, 1.14.1, 1.14.2 (Preview Build)


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May 17, 2015
In this release, several significant updates and fixes have been introduced to enhance the functionality and performance of sandboxed processes.

A new option has been added to limit the memory of sandboxed processes and the number of processes in a single sandbox through job objects, thanks to the contribution of Yeyixiao. This can be configured using "TotalMemoryLimit" to limit the whole sandbox and "ProcessMemoryLimit" to limit individual processes.

A command line option, /fcp /force_children, has been added to start.exe, enabling the initiation of a program unsandboxed while having all its children processes sandboxed. Additionally, the ability to force sandboxed processes to use a predefined SOCKS5 proxy has been introduced. There is now also the capability to intercept DNS queries for logging and/or redirection. Support for SOCKS5 proxy authentication based on RFC1928 has been added, thanks to Deezzir, who also contributed a Test Dialog UI for the SOCKS5 proxy.

Please note that the Proxy and DNS features require an advances type certificate.

Compatibility with Windows build 26217 has been validated, and dynamic data has been updated accordingly. Lastly, an issue with an early batch of Large Supporter certificates has been resolved, ensuring smoother operation and fewer disruptions.

Release note by ChatGPT - Please let me know if you like the AI generated release notes

Download: Release v1.14.0 / 5.69.0 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie


  • Add option to limit the memory of sandboxed process and the number of process in single sandbox through job object. (thanks Yeyixiao)
    • Use "TotalMemoryLimit"(Number,limit whole sandbox) and "ProcessMemoryLimit"(Number,limit single process) to set.
  • Add ability to modified sandboxed process logic speed (reduced fixed latency, modified single-player speed, etc.) (thanks Yeyixiao)
    • Use "UseChangeSpeed=y" to open this feature,use "AddTickSpeed"/"AddSleepSpeed"/"AddTimerSpeed"/"LowTickSpeed"/"LowSleepSpeed"/"LowTimerSpeed"(Number) to set.
    • When set "AddSleepSpeed=0",all Sleep funcation call will be skip.
  • Added /fcp /force_children commandline option to start.exe it allows to start a program unsandboxed but have all its children sandboxed
  • added ability to fore sandboxed processes to use a pre defined socks 5 proxy
  • added ability to intercept DNS queries such that thay can be log and/or redirected
  • added support for SOCKS5 proxy authentication based on RFC1928 (thanks Deezzir)
  • added Test Dialog UI for SOCKS5 proxy (thanks Deezzir)
  • added ability to automatically removes template references that begin with “Template_Temp_” in the sandbox.
  • validated compatybility with windows build 26217 and updated dyn data
  • fixed an issue with an early batch of Large Supporter certificates


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Apr 21, 2016
Thanks for sharing the updates in Sandboxie-Plus 1.14.0 Preview Build. The new features and fixes seem to significantly enhance the functionality and performance of sandboxed processes. The ability to limit memory and number of processes in a single sandbox, and the introduction of /fcp /force_children command line option are particularly interesting. Also, the compatibility with Windows build 26217 and the fix for the Large Supporter certificates issue are much appreciated. Looking forward to testing these new features.


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May 17, 2015
Sandboxie-Plus 1.14.1 (Preview Build)

In this release, we have introduced several key features and improvements. A new "Sandboxie\All Sandboxes" SID has been added to the token creation process, fundamentally altering the mechanism for token creation, which can be activated with "UseCreateToken=y". Additionally, users can now configure the "EditAdminOnly=y" setting on a per-box basis, and a new UI for CoverWindows is available in the NewBoxWizard. We have also added a UI option to start unsandboxed processes while forcing child processes into a sandbox. An important new feature is the "AlertBeforeStart" option, which prompts a warning before launching a new program into the sandbox if the initiating program is not a Sandboxie component. Various fixes have been made, including resolving issues with proxy authentication, memory leaks, and driver verifier problems.

Download: Release v1.14.1 / 5.69.1 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie

  • Add "Sandboxie\All Sandboxes" SID into token with SandboxieLogon #3191
    • To use this feature SandboxieAllGroup=y must be enabled
    • Note: that this fundamentaly changes the mechanism Sbie uses for token creation, the new mechanism can be enabled separately with "UseCreateToken=y"
  • Added "EditAdminOnly=y" can now be configured per box
  • Add UI for CoverWindows in NewBoxWizard.
  • Add UI option to start unsandboxed process but force child processes in SelectBoxWindow.
  • Add option "AlertBeforeStart".When it is set,a prompt pops up before launching a new program into the sandbox using "Start.exe" and checks if the program that started "Start.exe" is a Sandboxie component itself,if it is not, a warning pops up.
  • Add option for EditAdminOnly in SetupWizard.
  • split the advanced new box wizard page in two
  • reorganized box options a bit
  • fixed issue with proxy authentication setting
  • fixed memory leak in sbiesvc
  • fixed issue with inconsistent WFP option application #3900
  • fixed resource leak in buffer hashing function
  • fixed DLL name corruption when BlockInterferenceControl is enabled #3945
  • fixed issue with driver verifier


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May 17, 2015
Sandboxie-Plus 1.14.2 (Preview Build)

In the latest update, several significant features and improvements have been introduced. Notably, a new SbieIni option allows users to modify password-protected configurations with improved security features. The New Box Wizard now includes a "PromptForInternetAccess" checkbox, and options to hide non-system processes and Sandboxie processes from sandboxed process lists have been added. Additionally, a mechanism to block unsafe calls via RPC Port message filtering and a template to prevent sandboxed processes from accessing system information through WMI are now available. The update also introduces options in the box creation wizard to block local network connections, hide firmware information. A new "Job Object" Options page consolidates all job object related options. Several critical fixes have been implemented, including resolving security issues with the "UseCreateToken=y" mechanism, issues with exporting sandboxes, Chrome printing problems, and various bugs affecting sandbox properties and program launching. Compatibility with Steam running sandboxed has also been improved.

This release note is brought to you by Chat GPT.

Download: Release v1.14.2 / 5.69.2 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie
  • added SbieIni option to modify password-protected configs #3903
    • usage: set|append|insert|delete [/passwd:********]
    • note: use /passwd without the password to have SbieIni prompot for the password on the console, this hides the password from view and from bing captured with the command line
  • added checkbox for "PromptForInternetAccess" option to the New Box Wizard
  • added option "HideNonSystemProcesses" to hide processes not in a sandbox from processes lists for sandboxed processes.
  • added option "HideSbieProcesses" to hide Sandboxie Work Process(SbieSvc,SandboxieRpcSs,etc.).
  • added option "HideFirmwareInfo"
    • when it is set, the programs that try getting fireware information will get false data from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SandboxieHide\FalseFirmwareValue
  • added template "BlockAccessWMI" to prevent sandboxed processes from accessing system information through WMI.
  • added template "BlockLocalConnect" to prevent sandboxed processes from sending network packs to localhost to breakout sandbox.
  • added new option "AllowCoverTaskbar" for #3975
  • added RPC Port message filter mechanism to block unsafe RDP calls via the driver #3930
    • Usage: "RpcPortFilter=Port,ID,Label" label is optional
  • added "Job Object" Options page to colelct all job object related options
  • Extend "Temp Template" to make it could delete local template section.
  • fixed security issue with the newly introduced experimental "UseCreateToken=y" mechanism
  • fixed issue with "UseCreateToken=y" when using a MSFT online account
  • fixed Export sandbox not containing hidden files #3980 (thanks L4cache)
  • fixed Chrome stopped printing #3926
    • Sandboxie will add CustomChromiumFlags=--disable-features=PrintCompositorLPAC to chrome based browsers command line
    • Note: Less Privileged App Container (LPAC) don't work with sandboxie currently
  • fixed Problem accessing a relative symlink with a target that starts with a dot #3981
  • fixed Bug - Can't open a sandbox's properties window via double-click in System Tray context window #3861
  • fixed Delay in launching forced programs after version 1.12.9 #3868
    • this issue was introdiced in 1.13.0 and may have broadly affected other usecases and cause variosue problems
  • fixed issue with Misc Options list
  • improved compatibility with steam running sandboxed
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