New Update Sandboxie-Plus 1.9.4, 1.9.5


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May 4, 2020
This build adds a few UI features, and improves on the user experience, further more it fixes a huge amount of issues.

  • added more documentation links to the Plus UI
  • added tray menu option to dismiss a pending update notification
  • added Pin/Favourite files to Tray #2913
  • improved compatibility template for Privacy Enhanced box types (thanks offhub) #2899
  • improved support page in settings and reminder #2896
  • improved signature error message #2931
  • changed Don't show "No Inet" when exceptions exist #2919
  • fixed Qt6 issues in ARM64 build
  • fixed delete V2 bug when using box mounts without a drive letter
  • fixed icon overlay issue with high DPI scaling
  • fixed behaviour on multiple selection (thanks okrc) #2903
  • fixed issue with default box grouping (thanks okrc) #2910
  • fixed issue with sandbox renaming #2912
  • fixed The checkbox for the Open System Protected Storage setting appears to be unchecked #2866
  • fixed Firewall Rules - Colors make testing difficult in dark mode #2900
  • fixed RecoverFolder shows GUID instead of folder name #2918
  • fixed System tray icon hourglass overlay gets stuck when operation is stopped #2869
  • fixed File Panel doesn't allow to adjust columns size in a permanent way #2930
  • fixed Renaming a box with sandboxed run entries can break those entries. #2921
  • fixed WFP not enabled after Setup Wizard and other issues #2915
  • fixed Name column in the sandbox view should never be hidden #2933
  • fixed File Panel does not share the right-click options provided in the sandbox view columns #2934
  • fixed Checkboxes issue of NetworkEnableWFP and EnableObjectFiltering settings #2935
  • fixed Unquoted service path #537
  • fixed Running the Insert chart in Word in the sandbox fails #2863
  • fixed An error occurred in the switch sandbox type preset configuration #2941
  • fixed Unable to open excel (thanks lmou523) #2890
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From Sandboxie Plus
Thread author
May 4, 2020
Please try the updated 1.9.5 build it should resolve the BSOD issue some users reported.

Download: Release Release v1.9.5 / 5.64.5 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie


  • added Turn SBIE message IDs into clickable links #2953
  • added Limiting the number of same log messages #2856

  • fixed sbie:// links are not working #2959
  • fixed Sbie Messages, Trace Log, Recovery Log tabs should never hide some columns #2940
  • fixed registerdevicenotificationw DBT_DEVTYP_DEVICEINTERFACE #2129 #1975
  • fixed likely BSOD issue introduced in 1.9.4 #2958

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