Level 37
Version 4.18
Released on 28 May 2015.

  • A security hole with the Windows print spooler has been plugged. An application could use the print spooler to write an arbitrary file outside the sandbox. If Sandboxie detects that the print spooler is attempting to write a file outside the sandbox at the request of a sandboxed application, it will issue "SBIE1319 Blocked spooler print to file".
NOTE: Some printer drivers write temporary files to their own work area, even when not printing to file. In these cases, you will get SBIE1319 even when printing normally (not to file). The print may still print successfully. In this situation, you can safely ignore SBIE1319, hide the error message, or open the folder as described below.

There are 3 ways to allow the print spooler to print to file:

1) If you trust the process that is printing, you can double-click the SBIE1320 (that follows SBIE1319) to allow the print spooler to write files outside the sandbox for that particular process. 2) The spooler can write files outside the sandbox according to OpenFilePath settings. This enables you to permanently open the folders a particular printer driver uses to store its work files. 3) You can manually add the setting AllowSpoolerPrintToFile=y to sandboxie.ini. This is not recommended as it leaves your sandbox open to a print spooler exploit.

  • Any error msgs generated when auto-deleting a sandbox will now be shown to the user.
  • Fixed Chrome SBIE2205 Service not implemented: Win32Init.5 (00000005)
  • Added Hitman Pro Alert to templates.ini
  • Changed hook for ChangeDisplaySettingsEx() to allow CDS_RESET. A user reported that a game (fifa15) is trying to use this and failing resulting in incorrect display colors.
  • Distributed File System (DFS) mapped drives are now supported (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=18825&p=100656)
  • VMWare HGFS (Host Guest File System) mapped drives are now supported.
  • A BSOD bugcheck reported by a user when using bittorrent has been removed (this was a rare situation). SbieDrv was detecting corrupted memory when no corruption had occurred.
  • Fixed a rare bug in clipboard handling that could crash SbieSvc.
  • WebEx running under Chrome would sometimes hang.
  • Recent Windows update in Win 8-64 causes Skype (and possibly other apps) to issue error SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process Skype.exe 33 / 0?
Download update:


Level 1
I updated my licenced version to 4.18 only to find that it will not activate. Tried re-installing and uninstalling and I am now left with an unregistered copy.


Level 37
My clipboard still broke with 4.18
Back to 4.17.4
@bjm_, thank you for sharing your thread from SBIE forums. Esp. for those of us whom were not aware of Sandboxie's latter updates breaking hyperlinks, the posting of your difficulties both here and on their forums remind us newer versions do not always equate stable in every respect. Let's hope it shall be repaired soonero_O for everyone's benefit!;)


Level 37
Thank you, Moose.:D

4.19 Beta Available (Latest Version 4.19.1)
by Curt@invincea » Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:39 pm

Combined 32/64 installer:


Fixes in 4.19.1

1) A DDE change in 4.17.6 broke Excel running as a forced program.
2) Clipboard formats that were restricted in 4.17.5 are supported again.
3) MS Office applications are again able to print to file inside the sandbox without errors.