New Update Scam or not? BitDefender's Scamio AI promises to have the answer


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Apr 24, 2016
Scamio is a new AI tool that promises to help Internet users combat scams. Spam and scams are common on today's Internet. Especially users who are not tech-savvy may have difficulties distinguishing legitimate offers and messages from scams.

BitDefender launched Scamio to help these users. Scamio requires a BitDefender account, but that is the only requirement. It is a free service that does not require a download or installation. In other words, it is a web-based service. The initial version of the service is also available for Facebook's Messenger app. Support for WhatsApp, also a Meta product, and Telegram will be introduced in the future.

Scamio works similarly to other AI-powered tools. You interact with the AI using an input field. You may write or paste text, links or images into chat to interact with the AI. BitDefender promises an extensive threat analysis and scam detection, as well as practical tips and tricks to avoid scams.

All three input options work similarly:
  • Analyze a text -- write or paste text into the field after selecting this option. This can be a chat message or an entire email, or any other text that you want analyzed.
  • Check a screenshot or image -- upload a screenshot or image, for instance of a QR code, to get it analyzed.
  • Verify a link -- paste or write an URL into the field to have it checked by the AI.
Scamio processes the data and returns its findings, which includes whether it is a scam or not. The AI does not reveal why it rates something a scam or legitimate. Adding this information could help users avoid future scams better.

The answer includes tips to avoid scams, but these are general in nature and not related to your input. The "give me some tips to avoid scams" option worked, but it took the AI a good minute before it returned the seven tips.

Scamio may also be used in Facebook Messenger to analyze content using the messaging app.

Jonny Quest

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Mar 2, 2023
Another review:

What is it?
A Free (with signup) chatbot that analyses messages for potential scams

Anything that help quell scams is conceptually good
Easy to use

No Like
Requires signup and therefore gets your email address
Need to be careful with personal information in screenshots or submitted text
Spruiks Bitdefender services as part of its offering
Who decided “Scamio” was a good name for an anti-scam service?

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