Basic Security ScandinavianFish's Config 2021

Last updated
Dec 13, 2021
Use case
For personal use
Shared with
No one
Desktop OS
Windows 10
Windows OS SKU
Login Unlock
    • Passwordless PIN or Biometrics
with
Local account (offline)
Primary user
Administrator rights - Full permissions that can perform harmful changes
Additional users
Set with Standard user rights
OS updates
Automatic updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Network firewall
Third-party router [Mod: depreciated - please choose another option]
Always-on protection
Windows Defender alongside Malwarebytes Premium, both their respective folders and main processes excluded from each other
Binisoft Firewall Control
Firewall (user-choice). See details below.
Custom RT/Firewall security
Binisoft: Medium Filtering Learning Mode, Secure Profile and Rules enabled
Windows Defender: ConfigureDefender set on Interactive, disabled network protection, block ISASS credential stealing and Block Executables unless meeting an specific Criteria, Time Limit set to 50 seconds
Malwarebytes: Scan for Rootkits, Use expert system algorithms, Brute Force Protection
Malware testing
No malware samples
Periodic scanning
ESET online scanner
Secure DNS
NextDNS with AI-Driven Threat Protection and DNS rebinding protection enabled
Password manager
Browsers and Extensions
Librewolf with Brave Search
uBlock Origin
Cookie Autodelete
Utilities for Maintenance
None, snake oil.
Files & Photos backup
Files & Photos backup routine
Emergency recovery plan
None, only Factory Reset/reinstall, I dont have use for one anyways as I all my personal files are backed up and I only game and browse the web.
Integrity of recovery plan
I have no recovery plan
Tasks performed
    • Browsing the web
    • Receiving, sending and opening email attachments
    • Downloading software from reputable sites
Feedback response

I am partially satisfied. General feedback is greatly appreciated, to make improvements to my overall security / privacy.


Level 5
Thread author
Dec 12, 2021
After years of using Norton, a few months with Bitdefender, I got Malwarebytes for my family, mostly due to its scan scheduler and not its capabilities as an "true" antivirus, so if one of them, or even me, gets infected, I dont have to lift an finger due to being arguably the best dedicated scanner.