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I have not found any post on this topic in MT, so I assume it has not been well known, though I should admit that it is quite trivial. :D

Please note that the method discussed here may not be practical for users who install EEK on USB.:p

An interesting utility provided by EEK is "a2cmd.exe". Suppose that EEK is installed on
D:\Program Files (x86)\EEK\
Then you can find "a2cmd.exe" in
D:\Program Files (x86)\EEK\bin\
A2cmd.exe allows us to perform the functions of EEK with command line and parameters.
For example, if you run
a2cmd.exe /u
Then the signature database of EEK will be updated. Please note that the command above should be carried out either under the path of :\Program Files (x86)\EEK\bin\ or using the full path of a2cmd.exe.
Here "/u" is the parameter of this command line. You can find more parameters and their usage by running:
Start Commandline Scanner.exe
which is also in the folder of EEK.

Now let's see how to schedule the update of EEK.
You can first create a batch script (for example, "a2Update.bat") at any place you want. (If you are using an anti-exe, of course you need to whitelist this script).

Then, edit this script with notepad.exe or any text editor you like.:D Insert the following command into it:
"D:\Program Files (x86)\EEK\bin\a2cmd.exe" /u
Please note that:
  1. Please change the path "D:\Program Files (x86)\EEK\" to the actual path where you install EEK.
  2. If the path contains spaces, then the quotation marks should be used around the path.
  3. I recommend you to use the full path here. Because we hope to update EEK automatically with "Windows Schedule Tasks", whose start path is "C:\Windows\System32". Of course, if you do not want to use the full path here, you can also use the "cd" command to switch to the folder of EEK. Please use either approach you like.;)
The following step is to create a windows schedule task. A tutorial is given by Microsoft:
Schedule a task - Windows Help
I hope to provide some screenshots here, but...I do not have an English OS...So, sorry...:(
  • When you create the schedule task, you can set the frequency of this task as "Daily".
  • Set the batch script that we have created as the program that you want to start.
After this task is created, you can change its properties by right clicking it and then clicking "Properties".
  • In the "General" tab, you can enable the option "Run with highest privileges" to skip the UAC prompt.
  • In the "Trigger" tab, you can eanble the option "Repeat task every" to update EEK several times every day.

: Please note that when the update is carried out, a command-line console will pop-up, which may disturb your work/game. So it might be better to schedule the update task in the time when your computer is idle.

Schedule scanning can be completed in a similar manner.
You can use "a2cmd.exe /quick" to perform the quick scan, or use "a2cmd.exe /malware" to perform the malware scan.;)
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