Android Scoped Storage is returning!


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Jan 8, 2011
A controversial change that originally was slated for Android 10 becomes mandatory for all new apps in August 2020 and every app targeting Android 11: Scoped Storage. Here's what you need to know about it.
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Scoped Storage is going to happen this time
  • Early feedback for Scoped Storage was not very good. There was even a petition that asked Google to remove the feature rethink its implementation.
  • Scoped Storage was available in the official Android 10 release, but developers were not required to use it. But that's all about to change.
  • Starting in September 2020, apps will need to target Android 10 or later if they are to be available on the Play Store.
  • Luckily, this time Google has listened to feedback and made things easier for apps that have a need for full or special access and the new APIs in Android 11 make other things easier, too. A safer and more secure Android is something we all should want.



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Jan 9, 2020
Why you should not use Firefox under Android:
Firefox is incompatible with modern apps because the developers "disagree" with having a proper storage security model. Firefox has been one of the main culprits coercing other apps into unnecessarily using coarse Storage permissions. Thankfully, that won't be an option anymore.

With "thankfully" he mean that Android 11 will kick Apps with such misbehaviour.
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