Seagate Barracuda Pro 14TB HDD review


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Feb 4, 2016
Fourteen terabyte

The new Seagate HDDs fall under their Guardian Series 14TB units and will be released in either a 14TB IronWolf Pro or 14TB BarraCuda Pro. The IronWolf is NAS optimized, while the Barracuda is better suited to PC and Gaming builds. The new Barracuda 14TB model we are looking at today is based on eight platters each holding a whopping 1.75 TB while spinning at 7200 rpm. To inject this many platters with that capacity in a small 3.5" casing, Seagate needs to apply an airtight solution, in fact, they are using a helium-filled unit which also allows for continuous operation. The HDDs have a 256 MB of DRAM cache which can process small writes much faster than the hard disk itself. The HDD uses 6.9 watts of power while in operation, and 4.9 in IDLE.


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Feb 10, 2012
^^ yeah the reputation of seagate here on popular computer boards in germany isnt very good: their HDDs dont seem to be very reliable.
Long time i also stopped bying their HDDs. Currently i'm running WD and Toshiba HDDs only.
Yea i have yet trust to Samsung i have rly old disk 250GB and work like charm..
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