Securalive free vs 360 Total Security vs Panda Free

  • Securalive free

    Votes: 4 5.8%
  • 360 Total Security

    Votes: 42 60.9%
  • Panda Free

    Votes: 24 34.8%
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Securalive free vs 360 Total Security vs Panda Free
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360 Total Security Essentials is all that is needed. With Avira and Bitdefender engines enabled, RAM usage is high... but only when interface is open or scanning. It will only be a real problem if user always has interface open.

Protection far outweighs the RAM usage. Plus, 360 Essentials is very user friendly.
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Qihoo in my opinion.

It has three engines, two of these engines can be disabled but not the cloud engine, which seems, It is always active (at least until there is an internet connection). In other words, whenever 360 Total Security found a suspicious file, compares it with the online database automatically, whether we like it or not (and here we must trust the rules/privacy promises of this company).

For the rest, from some tests I've done, it seems to work well: the ability to recognize, even if you are disconnected from the internet, is quite good, and the same antivirus is sufficiently configurable: you can enable/disable scanning of usb devices, set the real-time monitoring, add a Whitelist folders that we want to be excluded from scanning and a sandbox.
It also has an active real-time block defense. (unauthorized changes to processes, drivers, registry and more).


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360 Total Security for me

Had bad experience with Panda, Internet felt slow and uninstalling it is a nightmare.

Never used Securalive though.
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I would like to use 360TSE but there is a confusion thats not quite clear to me. I would like to use "Custom Mode" with couple options disabled & Avira/Bd or both enabled. But I have noticed that Avira/Bd doesn't works well on "Custom Mode" & users say to use Avira/Bd "Security Mode" should be used/required to use. But ideally "Custom Mode" is for users like me who wants to enable/disable options & Avira/Bd or other options enabled should work fine. Dont know why Avira/Bd doesn't works fine on "Custom Mode"? May be bugs?
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Ikarus engine is totally a good alternative based however those FP are at concern about, since a lot of generic detections + heuristics implemented.

Meanwhile 360 TS is part already of the big boys next to Gdata so an edge is already shown + worth features to be use [except cleaning/boosters].

Panda Free AV more capable when internet connection is active, however not recommended to rely from offline due to minimal storage of database.


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Panda I had very easy time with, no probs at all lost connection or problems uninstalling.

My only complaint was Panda's UI felt sluggish on the screen.

I never heard of Securalive yet. Never used Qihoo, don't trust it, too good to be true.
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