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Microsoft Edge: Building a Safer Browser by Microsoft Edge Dev Team

Microsoft Edge is a brand new browser, with new goals and requirements. This has allowed us to include these security enhancements, both brand new security features, and moving older opt-in features to be always-on. For this reason, we believe Microsoft Edge will be the most secure web browser that Microsoft has ever shipped. As security is a process, not a destination, we will continue to work on browser security improvements.

More details in Blog by Microsoft Edge Dev Team; such as 64-bit by default and Bug Bounty programs.

Summarised by TWC short-list:
  • Edge Login Process - Microsoft Passport will use asymmetric keys.
  • Sandboxing the Edge App - The browser will always run in partial sandbox.
  • Microsoft SmartScreen - Integrated into Windows 10 shell, Edge and other apps will be able to use it for screening websites before they can access it.
  • Secure Model - No ActiveX and other controls
  • Web Standards in Microsoft Edge as Security Features
  • Defending against memory corruption -Preventing buffer (memory) overflow using a wide range of techniques.
  • Extensions for Edge - Might not allow extensions based on manipulative languages such as Java and Silverlight.
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