Please Help me with the current issue :

Does Security is essential for Android Devices ?
Does Android Devices gets easily attacked by viruses or malwares ?
How to sole the above issues if infected ?

1) Security is not essential for anything - you can run Windows fine without any AV or security but you just need to be extremely careful.
2) Android Devices can get infected pretty easily thanks to the Google Play store letting in malicious applications - IOS doesn't have this issue.
3) If you are infected on your Android device then download stuff like:

- MalwareBytes
- Emsisoft or Kaspersky AV
They can be found within the Google Play Store!


Does Security is essential for Android Devices ?
No but it's recommended.

Does Android Devices gets easily attacked by viruses or malwares ?
Depends. Only install trusted, reputable applications and don't enable installation from unknown sources. That being said, everything on the Play Store may not be 100% safe and if you go around visiting suspicious websites on your browser then you are also pushing the chances of infection higher, for mobile devices too.

How to sole the above issues if infected ?
Try Avast Antivirus for Android, also has a pretty nice Anti-Theft. Or the suggestions already listed above. :)


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You can use your built-in security features from your android device. Many phones nowadays equipped with applock. It's a useful feature, use them.

Get android device manager. that's your very powerful anti-theft device. :)

Restrict yourself to download 3rd party non-playstore app.

Always check for reviews before downloading from playstore.

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Hello, I use Malwarebytes and Dr. Web Security Space(lifetime Subscription)on my HTC Nexus 9,the reason I use Dr Web is That it has build in VPN , so i got firewall without rooting.Google Play has lot of security solutions, you just have to make up your mind, what security solution you need.

tim one

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Malware Hunter
Each operating system should be protected by security applications, but in the case of Android, the action mechanism of the antivirus apps is quite different from Windows.

Many Android antivirus have the realtime protection, however, contrary to what happens in Windows, they do not provide any effective protection in realtime because they do not have access to the system so at low-level.
In theory, if antivirus was allowed to control the system so in depth, then it could really be effective.
In practice, because of permissions on Android that are locked just to prevent malware problems, the antivirus can usually detect a malicious app just at the time of installation.

You can download one of the many malware test from the Google Store to check the effectiveness of your AV.
In my case FSecure AV Test has been blocked by Pandora antivirus (Zemana) after its installation.
Generally, this is the common situation : it does not exist in Android as a sort of behavior blocker, if AV does not detect the malicious app at the time of installation, you're done.

In any case, always check the permissions if you're going to install any app.


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YES, Android Devices are also attacked by Viruses and It should be protected. Google includes numerous settings in the Android operating system that can prevent malicious attacks. Devices running Android 2.2 or higher, which essentially means nearly all Android devices, have access to Google's malware scanner. Prior to installing an application you downloaded outside of the Play store, Google will scan the app and warn you of any potential threats.
This feature is enabled by default and can be accessed in the Google Settings app in your device's app drawer. Alternatively, devices running Android 4.2 or higher can access the feature by going to Settings, clicking on Security, and scrolling down to Verify apps. Devices running Android 4.2 or higher are also protected from premium SMS charges. A notification will alert you if an app is attempting to send a text message using a premium service, at which point you can approve or deny the transaction. This feature is built directly into the operating system and does not need to be enabled.


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Security is optional for Android but if you have concern, then just download your favorite AV through Play Store.

Actually using Android 6.0 above contains Permission management where you can block those unnecessary permissions that is not linked to the purpose of programs. In that case, you reduce the possible chance of infections.


Yes regardless if you download on Play Store or 3rd party BUT the chances of infection is minimal, if you are having casual surfing and common sense then attacks can be lessen.

For your number 3 question, build your common sense concept by reading through different post, testimonials and even editorial about threats in mobile and other platforms.

In that case, security programs are not needed once you know the right and wrong.