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Security Blog: New Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Application for Windows

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of a new Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) desktop application. This app works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is designed to provide our readers with an enhanced way to access the vast amount of threat intelligence contained in the SIR. Here’s a summary of the new SIR app’s key features:

All content in one convenient place – The app includes all 800+ pages of content from SIR Volume 14, the latest volume of the report, and is fully searchable. This makes it easy to find every mention of a particular threat or country/region.

Easy access to high fidelity charts – Many customers have asked us if they can obtain high resolution versions of the charts and images published in the SIR. The SIR app makes it easy to use any chart or image in the SIR; it even includes “save as” functionality, so customers can use charts and images from the SIR in other applications, such as PowerPoint.

Reader friendly – We’ve designed the app with you, the reader, in mind. One example of this is the integration of the SIR’s glossary of terms into the body of the report. As the figure below illustrates, glossary definitions appear when you hover over terms with your mouse to make it easier to read and understand the content.

Starting today, you can download the app at We hope you enjoy it and encourage you to provide feedback to our Twitter handle @MSFTSecurity.

Tim Rains
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