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    Name of Software/Product:
    Security Master made by Cheetah Mobile
    Free Antivirus product for any Android device ( phone, tablet etc ). Few adds and the builtin VPN is not required for the software to work. Other VPN brands works much better.
    Landscape view issue. Applock issue. VPN is missleading and there are few servers even in the VIP solution. Only for Android.
    Bottom Line:
    A very smooth and fast Antivirus product that should work more then well as an extra protection layer on your Android device.
    4 / 5 ✪
    4 / 5 ✪
    User Interface:
    5 / 5 ✪
    Low Usage
    Low Impact
    Overall Rating:
    Very Good - 4 / 5 ✪

    Security Master from Cheetah Mobile
    Google Play : Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster - Android Apps on Google Play

    The video ( not made by me ) shows the UI ( User Interface ) and how it works. They rebranded the product from CM Security to Security Master and that can be a bit confusing depending on what country/region it's installed in as I noted myself but also because there are other very similar looking products on Google Play with almost the exact same name, logo etc and I found no affiliation in any shape or form.

    Test machine : Sony Tablet S ( 2012 )
    OS : Android 4.0.2 release 5a
    Software : Security Master 4.2.8
    VPN : Other vendor

    Yes yes I know both the tablet and OS is way too old :giggle: and shouldn't be used but these is what was around at the time for the review unless I wanted to run it in a Virtual Machine. Rooting was also an option as it's very easy to do and a little newer OS could be installed ( 4.1.1 release2 ) but I doubt it would do enough to cover the security patches needed. I have not tested the software against any malware samples or malicious urls but instead trust better on tests like this :

    Netflix and Ebooks are in general what I use the tablet for but I will look for a new one as they are pretty cheap and I might wanna do a few more things. :coffee:


    The UI ( User Interface ) as it's easy to understand and easy to read. The navigation is swift and works very well. On a smaller phone or tablet it could ofcourse be harder. The software is not flooded with adds as other products I tested but it does points a bit much to other builtin solutions but it's not exaggerated IMO.

    Directly after installed and started it asked to patch several critical OS security issues as the OS was old and those was fixed with just one click. The scan found nothing malicious and the other builtin solutions was also tested as they popped up without any real issues found. Settings was easy to setup. The software itself if correct setup can not be uninstalled through the OS settings.


    The applock studders for a few seconds when the OS is started and it's possible if fast to access and delete locked apps ( not system apps ofcourse ). I can guess also through safe start but not tested. Could be because both the OS and Tablet is old.

    The VPN. It does work yes but only with 200MB daily and that I used up through a few clicks on speedtests. Also when compered with my other VPN vendors Security Masters VPN shows inside the software speeds over 40MB/s when in reality it's as low under 10MB/s. Good coding? :LOL:

    The last thing and personal most annoying is that it will not work in landscape mode. It doesn't rotate when I rotate the tablet as other software does flawless. Not sure why really and don't seam to be a payed option.

    Even if it seams to have a few Cons and even if the company is Chinese I would still recommend the software and if you don't like it...uninstall it.(y)
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    Thanks for the review! I personally dislike Cheetah software. I find they over add crap onto their apps. I've never seen an antivivrus so loaded with unnecessary complements.
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    Jul 27, 2015
    Today I was forced to uninstall the software as it almost bricked my tablet.

    Not happy to say the least and specially since I even wrote a review after used the software more then a week. Guess I need to wait longer next time as any other review will then be more accurate. Lesson learned! (y)

    Now I would Not recommend the use of this software, atleast not on a old tablet or phone with Android version lower then 6. That requirement I could not find on there homepage and was not mentioned in Google Play but just recently found out elsewhere.

    After a friendly tip I'm now testing Dr.Web Lite that does state on there homepage that it works on Android 4+...

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    Thats why I wouldn't install apps from Cheetah Mobile. They make some good apps but too much bloated and too much data collection. Their apps never messed up or brick my phones but always badly affected the performance.
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    Hey, Up North,

    Any Cheetah mobile products are like the plague in most circles of people in the know. I even made the mistake years ago, not knowing myself back then, and after uninstalling "Clean Master" I saw tons of their ads everywhere for months. I finally reset my advertising id, and started using adblocking because of the ads, like " you have 14 virus, fix now?" And others like it.

    The best Mobile Antivirus for Android that I could find, was Sophos mobile Security. It's free, no ads, and they offer free home AV too. They have tons of features, tested 100% detection in both AV Test and AV Comparatives. The app includes app locking, password storage for kbd Keepass files, can monitor both Firefox and Chrome for bad links, and much more.

    And, I recently tried out McAfee mobile security, and it's not that bad. They do have ads for free version, but, I use Blokada global adblocker, so I can't attest to how prevalent they are.
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    Jul 27, 2015
    Glad I ditched it and will probably/hopefully never use any of there products again.

    Was curious about Sophos but it didn't work on the tablet also as some of the other major vendors but Dr.Web Lite been smooth as silk so far with zero ads and no popups other then in my mail a few times but thats easy to contain and block.

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    Hmm, that's interesting. Well, Dr Web has a pretty good reputation. I've read some of their security research over the years. Glad it's working for you on that older tablet. I'll have to check which API level sophos targets. So I don't recommend it for older devices. It also could be the device itself that's not compatible. Gosh, there's so many these days. Many apps, just aren't optimized for tablets, because of development costs I think.
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