Several Security Vendors detect Norton Crypto as PUP or Riskware

Anthony Qian

Level 1
Apr 17, 2021
With the release of Norton, Norton Crypto, a "legitimate" mining application, was also formally provided to US consumers.

Interestingly but not surprisingly, Norton Crypto has been detected as Riskware by some "strict" antivirus vendors. According to VirusTotal, Norton Crypto is currently detected as PUA or Riskware by six antivirus vendors, including ESET.

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MalwareBytes previously detected Norton Crypto as Riskware.BitCoinMiner; however the detection was later removed, according to Norton Community.

Kaspersky, as a side note, whitelisted this program.

It's unclear whether the number of AV vendors that flag Norton Crypto as Riskware will increase or decrease, but it's just ironic that a security software is detected as risky by other security products.