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Decrypt files on your computer that have been infected and locked by Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Shade malware with this small software solution

In the eventuality that you have found out that your important documents and files are being hijacked by a Shade virus, then a first step to take would be to save the text file that informs you about the data that has been encrypted.

ShadeDecryptor is an application designed to help you unlock photos, videos, music, documents as well as other files that have been encrypted by the Shade Virus.

Sleek, fresh and easy to navigate interface
The application does not require any setup and you are provided with a set of instructions as soon as you launch it. As you can read from the splash screen, you need to specify the path of the encrypted files and it is recommended that you save all your open documents before you initiate the scan. On a side note, you are also required to have an Internet connection in order to request the decryption key.

As far as the options are concerned, the program allows you to specify the drives that you want to scan. While you have the alternative to delete the locked files after the decryption, you should not opt for this option unless you are sure you can recover the data.

It helps you unlock it but does not detect ransomware
It is important to note that the program is not designed to identify the ransomware you have on your computer, but rather it provides you with a means to unlock the files that have been hijacked. Shade ransom is know to attach different extensions to the files, namely XTBL, YTBL, Heisenberg, Breaking_bad or Da_vinci_code, just to name a few.

Generally speaking, after an infection with Shade ransomware, your desktop background modifies and a TXT file automatically pops up to inform you about the files that have been encrypted. For this specific type of ransom, the message is written in Russian and English.

A handy tool for ransomware victims
If your computer has been infected with a dreaded Shade virus, then refrain from paying the ransom, regardless of how small it seems, as you have no guarantee to get the key and recover your files. Instead, you can use ShadeDecryptor as soon as possible.
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