Nov 25, 2015
I have SD on a 2gb Ram mini-laptop and SD run flawlessly

This setup is bloated and redundant. Don't wonder why your system is slow, every files/process you use will be monitored 3 times... and i imagine the I/O read/writes usage of you way to reduce its lifetime.

did you do the required tweaks for this kind of setup? Did you add SD processes to each AV exceptions? did you add each processes of those AVs to the others AV's exception?

SD is by default monitored (not allowed) in webroot; so everything you do with SD is monitored and logged.


It's not 100% smooth but it's 90% smoother once I disabled the RAM cache. I can actually use my PC now!!! (Yes I bought the lic for the SD since the trail was expiring). I tested it the RAM with SSD and on a cloned Regular HD, on the regular HD the RAM setting didn't do diddly squat, well actually it made it feel a bit faster. However, on the SSD (Samsung SSD) it brought the system to it's knees. SO yeah my conclusion is based on your conclusion; IF you have an SSD and it's your boot drive then don't use the ram setting, leave it at 0. (Why? I have no fucking clue)