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I'm agree that Emsisoft has heavy updates and that's only what I have seen, since the performance overall doing daily tasks and the strong behaviour protection worth it totally. I don't want an AV with great performance and forgot to keep tuning the behaviour component or whatever claims the company


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I would stick with ESET. I find that the current version 10 products are extremely light, and are lighter than the majority of alternatives. I found previous versions to cause noticeable slowdowns at times, even though they were claimed to be very light.


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If it's working well for you then keep it. If you want to try what is out there then try them all..Try Avast, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, etc. they all offer 30 day trials and all of them offer excellent protection with some tweaks. Don't believe a product is light just because you read it in the Internet. Always try on your machines first. ESET on my laptop, for instance, caused a noticeable lag on web pages and boot time two versions ago when I last tested it, it doesn't mean it's a heavy antivirus just that in my configuration it was slowing things down. It also doesn't mean I won't test it again in the future.