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Should Microsoft make Windows 7 open source? The Free Software Foundation thinks so!



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It is a great idea, but unfortunately, that would also reveal Windows 10 code. Windows core is huge and it has not really changed much. MS just keeps patching it, otherwise they would simply get rid of registry and other obsolete features. It is all interconnected and no one knows the whole picture.

Marko :)

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Even though that would be great (especially for users and developers), it wouldn't be good for Microsoft itself. They tried to push all the users to Windows 10 for a reason. Releasing Windows 7 code and making it open source could only backfire. So, no, I don't see this happening anywhere in near future... :)

ForgottenSeer 823865

Windows is like a old wall with a hundreds of holes in the middle perpetually covered by endless layers of paint LOL