Would you want VPN integration in Firefox browser?

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Firefox is about Freedom and Privacy.

Do you think Mozilla, like Opera, should integrate a VPN service into Firefox and be available straight from the settings, for all Firefox users?


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Hm i voted no. I dont like the vpn in opera either. Browser companies should leave the vpn business alone. i dont trust any browser companie when it comes to a vpn.. dont know why just what i think about it. I better buy a vpn from a serious vpn provider. One of the reasons i use a vpn is to surf "anonym". So if i use the vpn from my browserprovider that would be counterproductive.
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On account of prioritizing the development of other, more crucial features, I voted against this.

Mozilla has still a long way to go when it comes to browser stability and security (they still have a pending "multi-process" feature to implement in their browser as of writing this post, for example) and it would benefit them better if they could focus on those aspects prior to expanding the featureset of their browser.

A VPN could be somewhere in line, though they'd have to have a high-performing VPN service in order for people like me to have any interest in it.
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yes and yes. VPN is good feature for browser.
Next list should be data saver, ad blocker, download manager, and QR codes scanner (in mobile version)
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I mean, it can't be any worse than Opera's VPN, right? Y'know, the one that conducts "real-time analysis of Internet and data traffic including destination websites or IP addresses, originating IP addresses". o_O

Still, I say no to Mozilla integrating a VPN in their browser. Their browser lags behind in terms of security and web standards and I simply wouldn't trust that what I'd browse while using their VPN would stay private. Especially seeing as their company falls under US law.
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A VPN is a nice security feature. It really is, but how will Mozilla support it ? Servers and encryption are expensive. So I can envision an integrated Firefox VPN being not adequately supported, resulting in a snail's-pace browsing speed. Economically, it makes no sense for Mozilla. While the intent is admirable, it will turn out badly - just look at Opera's VPN mess.


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I think it's good if they implemented something like opera where it's built in, but also they have to improve on opera's privacy policy because as of now it would seem that opera logs a lot when you use their VPN which almost entirely defeats the purpose of having a VPN at all. If they are able to provide a VPN with minimal logging, and fast speeds then yes definitely every browser should implement it.

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It would be cool and all but I don't know how they'd do it since Mozilla has much more user base than Opera and VPN might not scale. VPNs in general are paid anyway. I doubt it's in their interest to do so and they shouldn't should they want to survive.
Companies should at least do the bare minimum to survive and that includes making profit otherwise what's the point? We'll just kiss each other goodbye instantly in technological time.

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Yes. Opera brought company called SurfEasy which is VPN provider so they are using their own VPN inside browser.