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Browsing the Internet anonymously is virtually impossible, but there are ways to make it much harder for others to track your identity.

Each week a new story comes out about how Internet companies track your data everywhere, so it is no surprise that people want to find ways to be anonymous online. While it is extremely difficult to achieve complete anonymity, privacy is a continuum. By making more informed decisions, you can limit how much of your personal data is collected and shared. This will go a long way to making your browsing more private.

For those of you looking to truly go off the surveillance grid, this New York Times story details the steps one individual took to prevent anyone from being able to access identifying information. For everyone that cannot afford the measures he took (like buying a decoy house), this article will help you find the services and tools you need to maximize your online privacy at the minimum inconvenienc



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@Correlate Thanks useful info.

What is funny that it shows that the writer of this article is not tech savvy. First they suggest you can add uBlockOrigin to enhance privacy, next step is Noscript. A tech savvy person would have explained that one could enable advanced mode in UBO.

The article also contained a link to another Proton article on how to remove your tracking history in Google and stop collecting data.
How to delete your Google data - ProtonVPN Blog (y)

I saved this article because in december this year I will buy a Android phone (say goodbye to my Windows phone)
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