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No, basically the datacenter where the server is located had a network issue (someone tripped over the Internet cable? :p). It happens from time to time, even to way bigger sites.
Oh, I thought someone is DDOS because this site down like twice within 2 weeks or so.


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Test :

I checked on one of your previous post @CyberTech and it seems to work just fine.
I recall I had a small issue with the extension Ghostery or perhaps it's some other blocker in your case. :unsure:
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Hi, I can't see when I can change my username again. Thank you very much in advance.

@Jack Is it no longer allowed to change the user name? Thank you very much. Regards.

Hi, I'm having problems in Firefox with ublock . I attach images. Thank you very much. Regards.

Hey @ZeroDayDefender,
Which thread were you viewing when you were redirected to this page?
I clicked the last link in that thread where it says malware removal assistance and i also received it earlier when i clicked on a DM from a staff member