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With 360TS, sometimes, I encounter a very slow performance on copy.

For example, a small bat file on the desktop: if I duplicate it, it takes age. If I move it on the trash, it takes age... If I exit 360TS before doing it, it's fast. So, it's caused by 360TS.

Could it be caused by the fact it's uploadind on the cloud ?

I'm using the BD engine for real time scan, I've returned to the default "scan when saved" and not "scan when opened".

I've check the logs, I've tried to understand what was happening with the help of comodo killswitch, but did not understand if it was due to the connection...

My internet ping is quite good...


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Hello Bryan,
thank you,
I'm running this PC since five years, and it's running well. And I've never had this problem with avira free.
(the bat file that I'm talking contain only two lines, and it occurs even in quiet state)


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Hmm, I've just tried, and during ten minutes, it was slow (with or without BD), and now it's OK...
Nothing in the log...
I will experiment tomorow furthermore.


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A security product may influence the write and read speed however that is too minimal at all. (Based on the observation performance test released by independent testing organization)

Basically something could affect to your system.


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how does those products handle the cloud connection ?
If the cloud is slow to respond, if the internet access is slow... and so on... is there a time-out ?
And after the time-out it fall-backs to the local engine ?
Or the cloud analyzis is asynchronous ?
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