Sony still in talks with Microsoft, but cloud strategy to be 'only on PlayStation'


Level 36
Nov 10, 2017
The cloud is the next frontier which tech giants such as Microsoft, Sony, Google, and Amazon seem to be interested in conquering. Microsoft and Sony even signed a strategic partnership back in 2019, which included the use of Azure, AI solutions, and more for content streaming. The deal caught many by surprise given the firms' rivalry in gaming but nothing tangible has emerged so far.

Now, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has confirmed that Sony is still collaborating with Microsoft, but its cloud strategy will be solely about the PlayStation.

In an interview with Nikkei (paywall, Japanese, translated by VGC), Jim Ryan went on to say that:
We’re still having conversations with [Microsoft] about exchanging ideas. We’re still talking to them about exchanging ideas, and there’s some very interesting stuff, so when the time is right, we’ll announce our cloud strategy.
We could conceivably use the cloud for our technical infrastructure, but the cloud gaming experience we’re offering will be unique and only on PlayStation.