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Sophos Home is a fantastic anti virus software. Its aggressive nature against PUPs is impressive which many anti virus vendors especially free one give less priority to. But the major setbacks of Sophos is its performance impact on the system and lack of a quarantine feature. They need to fix those two for people to consider them serious.

Alex at Sophos

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@kuttan, @kev216 We're definitely working on making Sophos Home lighter (using less resources, not less protection). That's of constant concern. Performance improvements will be happening as often as we can engineer them. You can expect to see performance improvements throughout the product lifecycle.

And the quarantine feature has been a hot topic for a while. First priority is reducing false positives to 0 or as close to 0 as humanly possible. Through different technological advances, we're pushing to make false positives are as rare as a whale in the Sahara desert. That said, false positives still happen occasionally and the typical answer is quarantine features. So that's something we've been toying with, and something you might see in a future beta. No hard dates though.