Spybot Anti-Beacon (installer)
  • -It's free
    -very easy to use
    -in my test it did not cause problems
    -portable version
    -It does what it says
    -It does not uninstall spy update (they would be reinstalled)
    -It works on Windows 7/8.1/10
-few options and limited choices
-you can not create a restore point from the program
-I have encountered problems on Office "undo changes", it seems that it doesn't work, maybe because I clicked Apply and I don't have Office installed on my PC
Spybot Anti-Beacon is another tool (also portable) to block all information/data sharing on Windows 10 (7/8.1): telemetry services, feedback, Wifi sense, applications using our ID for advertising, P2P updates and other stuff.
The program is very simple and completely automatic.
To use Spybot Anti-Beacon first create a restore point and then click the Immunize button.
The Undo button, leaves (almost) everything as it was before


Test performed on Windows 7 x64bit.
Spybot Anti-beacon also works on Windows 7/8.1 but obviously the functions are more limited.



The program crashed when started, blocked by Webroot SA without any warning, then it is necessary to disable the antivirus temporarily when you install SAB.
Zemana Antimalware detects the hosts file as malicious (amended by SAB), this is a false positive and the hosts file must be added to the exclusion list.


Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to test SAB on Window 10 and these are the features on Windows 7:

-Telemetry Hosts
-Telemetry Group Policy
-CEIP Policy
-CEIP Scheduled Task


-Remote registry service
-Telemetry Host (extensive list)
-Office 15/16 telemetry

It is definitely a good choice, however, we consider that it modifies also registry values, and then backup alwaysready.

Spybot Anti-Beacon for Windows

Thanks for reading.:)
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May 8, 2015
Nice review. It is reliable but doesn't have as many options as say O&O ShutUp10 (freeware). For Windows 7 and 8 however, it doesn't need full options. The important thing is telemetry which it includes. For 10, it needs more as telemetry isn't the only problem. I use O&O ShutUp10 for the bulk and other tools to delete all forced apps excluding Xbox (I have an Xbox and enjoy the app).